Upcoming Services

August 30Dancing for Connection and Community

Maria Mendoza-Smith
featuring the Tribalieve Belly Dance Troupe

“Soul has to do with the way a human being belongs to their world, their work, or their human community. Where there is little sense of belonging there is little sense of the soul.”

How do you belong to the world and your human community? Come experience our joyful dance and one way — our way — of connecting with ourselves and one another and of creating community. In this service wewill discuss and demonstrate a tribal type of belly dance that features shared leadership, improvisation, and soulful connection.

Worship Associates: Linda Hudson

September 6 — “Good Work”
Rev. Dr. John Morehouse

What is the work we are called to do? How do we see that work in service to the world? In honor of Labor Day, Rev. John, our newly called Senior Minister, will explore the essential nature of work and how we can be changed by that work.

Worship Associate: Lucia Scott

September 13 – HOMECOMING

Homecoming Service with Rev. John Morehouse and staff. Gather on the lawn for this joyous traditional start to our year at 10:00 AM.