Choral Chameleon Changing
choral chameleon

Saturday, Feb. 24 @ 7:30PM EST


Choral Chameleon presents an exclusive preview concert of our first commercial album, "CHANGING"

Change is hard. We resist it. We are afraid of it. In the words of Rumi, it may even come unexpectedly and "sweep our houses empty of their furniture. " Still, change is necessary. Evolution happens whether we like it or not. The most powerful changes are those we decide to make ourselves. While the world changes, human beings still have agency. We have our own minds and our autonomy. This is a concert about the art of changing and how to embrace change with dignity, patience, and grace. It explores the phases of a mind going through change. Choral music - the pure music of humans - softens our hard, resistant exteriors, connects us to one another, and reminds us that we are never truly alone - especially as we change together with the ever-changing world.

Join us for an evening of beautiful music by Michael Weinstein-Reiman, Edward Thompson, Lauren Bydalek, Mike Rowan, Stevie Wonder, Angelica Negrón, Jamiroquai, Timothy Takach, and others.

We are handicap accessible.